MiniSAP Developer Edition (ABAP Stack)

MiniSAP … the free trial software available for the truly curious SAP Enthusiast to learn more about the SAP suite of technologies; usually made available as Developer, Discovery & Express editions.

Download, install and explore the MiniSAP Developer Edition (ABAP Stack) on your personal computer, without the ongoing monthly costs of using a server on the internet (in the cloud).

Experience the benefits of a clean virtual machine installation, providing access to the SAP services without an internet connection.

Install MiniSAP Developer Edition (ABAP Stack) on Your Personal Computer

Follow the easy step-by-step guide to install, backup, start, break, restore and start again while experimenting with coding ABAP, ABAP-OO, debugging, API’s, gateways, repositories, hosted services, transports, emails, system configuration, optimisation and so much more.

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Install MiniSAP Plus (+) Utility

Automatically start the MiniSAP (ABAP Stack) system services as a normal user, without a terminal window. Manually shut down the MiniSAP ABAP Stack system services and the Guest Operating System, in just two clicks.

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MiniSAP Plus (+) Utility

Already got MiniSAP (ABAP Stack) installed?

Want to start/stop MiniSAP services without a ‘Terminal Window’?

Yes … now you are ready for the ‘MiniSAP Plus (+) Utility’. A collection of quick-start utilities that improves the MiniSAP Developer Edition learning experience on your personal computer, every time (read more).

News and Announcements

Open Downloads

A curated collection of open-source downloads to save you time during the ‘Install MiniSAP on Your Personal Computer’ courses.

Private Beta Access Available

A private beta access request is for adventurous members willing to provide feedback on course presentation, navigation and content; knowing random updates may occur.

Tip: All course outcomes are achieved; your time is valuable and it won’t be wasted.

MiniSAP Library

A collection of generic articles that complement all the MiniSAP courses. Focused on Everyday, Housekeeping and Configuration activities.