MiniSAP … the free trial software available for the truly curious SAP Enthusiast to learn more about the SAP suite of technologies; usually made available as Developer, Discovery & Express editions.

Download, install and explore the MiniSAP Developer Edition (ABAP Stack) on your personal computer, without the ongoing monthly costs of using a server on the internet (in the cloud).

Experience the benefits of a clean virtual machine installation, providing access to the SAP services without an internet connection.

Install MiniSAP Developer Edition (ABAP Stack) on Your Personal Computer

Follow the easy step-by-step guide to install, backup, start, break, restore and start again while experimenting with coding ABAP, ABAP-OO, debugging, API’s, gateways, repositories, hosted services, transports, emails, system configuration, optimisation and so much more.

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Install MiniSAP Plus (+) Utility

Automatically start the MiniSAP (ABAP Stack) system services as a normal user, without a terminal window. Manually shut down the MiniSAP ABAP Stack system services and the Guest Operating System, in just two clicks.

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Already got MiniSAP (ABAP Stack) installed?

Want to start/stop MiniSAP services without a ‘Terminal Window’?

Yes … now you are ready for the ‘MiniSAP Plus (+) Utility’. A collection of quick-start utilities that improves the MiniSAP Developer Edition learning experience on your personal computer, every time (read more).

News and Announcements

Moving to Domain

In May 2024, we are moving to a new home at All member accounts, products and existing orders will remain as-is, untouched and available.

Open Downloads

A curated collection of open-source downloads to save you time during the ‘Install MiniSAP on Your Personal Computer’ courses.

Private Beta Access Available

2024-04-24 The Private Beta 100% off coupons are no longer available.

A private beta access request is for adventurous members willing to provide feedback on course presentation, navigation and content; knowing random updates may occur.

Tip: All course outcomes are achieved; your time is valuable and it won’t be wasted.

MiniSAP Library

A collection of generic articles that complement all the MiniSAP courses. Focused on Everyday, Housekeeping and Configuration activities.