Author: John Lang

My name is John Lang, an Aussie from the land down under and an SAP Enthusiast for MiniSAP Developer Editions in the SAP suite of technologies.

Originally, a solid foundation in SAP Business Warehouse (BW), HANA Data Modelling and programming; which has evolved into leading project teams to deliver successful outcomes for their clients, customers and user communities.

I started because my learning journey occasionally involves frustrating administration activities. Every now and then, when I wanted to spend a few hours tinkering and digging deeper into a topic, I’d waste a few hours getting the required systems and services back up and running. The expired license keys, full log files and blocked network services would distract me from the real goal of being able to quickly test an idea, to see if it would work.

My passion is to find practical solutions that help fellow explorers overcome their challenges with using the MiniSAP Developer Editions of the SAP suite of technologies. This allows all truly curious SAP Enthusiasts to get on with the adventure of learning while minimising the time and effort spent on administration activities.

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